Patent Search

The Invention

Please provide the closes technological field or industry related to the invention
Please provide a description of the invention; please outline the purpose and function of the invention.
Please describe the objectives of the invention. How is the invention an improvement of current technology or the tasks the invention performs.

How the Invention Works

Provide a brief summary of how your invention works — in other words, how it achieves its objective. You will have the chance to provide more details later.

The Parts of the Invention

What are the main components of the invention? If it is a method, please describe the steps of the of method. Also, please describe how each part or step functions.
Please explain how the components of the invention work together and explain one would use the invention.


Please provide any keywords that might be related to the invention that will aid in a search.

Patentability Process

Patentability Opinion:

Before going through the process of filing a patent, an inventor needs to know if there are any other patents or publication that are similar to the inventor’s invention.

​The patent search starts with obtaining information regarding the differences between the inventions and the state of the art, the parts of the structure of the invention that can be changed without affecting the way the invention is used, the changes that can be made in the materials and methods for making the invention without affecting the structure; and the key structural features that produce the result of the invention.

​The patent search is then perform to find any existing and similar patents and publications, using various data bases (USPTO, CIPO, EPO, IEEExplore, Pubmed, & etc).

A patentability opinion is generated by comparing the existing information with the invention.

Before going through the process of filing a patent an inventor may want to have similar patents or publications identified. UIPatent will perform a thorough search of existing patents and publications and provide an opinion on the patentability of an invention.

  • UIPatent will search through all of the relevant patent and publication databases (USPTO, CIPO, EPO, IEEExplore, Pubmed, & etc)
  • UIPatent will compare the existing patents and publications with the invention
  • UIPatent will deliver an opinion on the patentability of the invention based on the results