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Provisional Patent

Utility Patent

Protects an invention with a function(such as a machine, manufactured item, process, or chemical composition).

Provisional Application

provisional patent application establishes an early filing date, but does not mature into an issued patent unless the applicant files a regular non-provisional patent application whithin one year.

Design Patent

design patent application protects an arnamental design for a manufactured item that doesn’t affect its function(such as a watch face plate).


Unfavorable prognosis to obtain an issed U.S. patent

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Intellectual Property


What is a Patent?

Patent is a right given by a government to an inventor for his invention, only if the invention can pass certain novelty tests by the governing examining office. The right prevents others to make, use

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How To Use a Patent?

Protecting products and processes Increasing turnover and profits Attracting investors Licensing Cross-licensing Blocking competitors Building reputation Identify and negotiate with a commercial partner for license or collaboration agreements Managing relationship with commercial partners What can

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Where to apply for a patent?

National patent offices National patent valid only in the country where it is granted Non-residents can also apply for a patent One year of “priority” for subsequent applications European Patent Office A European patent is

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