Services Overview

  • Examine the novelty, validity, infringement and enforceability of the invention.
  • Drafting confidentiality agreements, employment contracts and moral rights waivers.
  • Preparation and prosecution of patent application.
  • Defending and enforcing intellectual property rights in the U.S.
  • Negotiating and drafting license, technology transfer and distributorship agreements.

Invention begins with conception of an idea, which is the complete performance of the mental part of the invention act. It is the means or device to accomplish the objective. Conception is the formation in the mind of the inventor of a definite and permanent idea of the complete and operative invention as it is therafter to be applied to practice.

UIPatent applies technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge to design and implement materials, structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes that safely realize the desired objective of your invention.

File a Provisional Application as low as $1,200.

Provisional Patents allow for filing without formal patent claims. Once a provisional patent application is submitted, the inventor is allowed to display the “patent pending” status on their invention. Marking an invention with “Patent Pending” will usually deter manufacturers from copying an invention. The inventor is then free to market and publicize the invention while having it legally protected. Provisional patents are also less time consuming since they do not require the claims that define your invention to be disclosed. A description of your invention along with a few clear illustrations depicting the invention can be enough. Filing a provisional patent is also much less expensive than a full patent. Attorney and governmental fees are significantly less for provisional patents as they are less time consuming and are not reviewed by the governmental patent office. Provisional patent application allows for establishing an early effective date for a later filed full patent application. Therefore an invention is protected from the filing of the provisional patent. However, a provisional patent automatically expires after 12 months. It is important to file for a full patent prior to the expiration of those 12 months to continue having the patent rights for an invention. Not applying for a full patent after the 12 months expires the application is considered abandoned and in doing so the inventors loses any patent right to their invention. Applying for a Provisional Patent Application: There are no official application forms for applying for a provisional patent application. It is up to the inventor to fully describe their invention and outline its novelty and usefulness. Importantly, in order for the early filing date to be valid when applying for a full patent the invention must not be changed and all of its elements have to be disclosed in the provisional patent application. Failure to disclose or adequately describe the elements in a provisional patent application can harm the success of a full patent application. The most important part of the application may be the drawings of the invention since parts of the invention that are disclosed in the drawings and are not in the description may be adequate disclosure when filing for a later full patent application.

Conception is established when invention is sufficiently clear to enable one skilled in the art to reduce it to practive with out the excercise of extensive experimentation or extensive inventive skill.